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Are You Ready for Your Baby’s First Winter?

January 14th, 2019

Every day is a new challenge when you have a little one at home. Luckily, your friends at Luxey Little Ones (the best children’s clothing boutique in Montgomery County) are here to help you navigate your baby’s first winter.

Insist on Washed Hands

When you have a new baby, it seems like everyone wants to pick them up! That becomes a little risky during cold and flu season, so make sure that everyone who wants to touch the baby thoroughly washes their hands first. Also, if they’re feeling a little under the weather, ask them to wait until they’re healthy again.

Do You Have Older Kids?

Children are exposed to lots of germs when they go to school. Make sure that your kids know to change their clothes and wash their hands before they come and say “Hi” to the baby.

Bathe Them a Little Less Often

Babies don’t need a bath every day. In fact, washing too often during this season can lead to chapped skin. Only bathe your baby once every two to three days, and remember to use a good moisturizer as soon as they’re dried off.

Keep Car Seat Safety In Mind

If you read our recent blog on car seat safety, then you know that babies should never wear puffy jackets while buckled into their car seats. Instead, you should dress your baby in multiple thin layers, making sure to cover their head, hands, and feet. Then, after they’re buckled in, you can tuck another blanket on top.

Make Sure Their Temperature Is Just Right…

Unfortunately, babies can’t tell us if they’re too hot or too cold. That’s why we always have to keep a close eye on our little ones. Chilly babies will shiver and pale. Their cheeks and belly will feel cold to the touch. If you notice these signs, then you should bring your child to a warm place as soon as possible. On the other hand, it’s possible to over-bundle your baby during the winter. Too-warm babies will redden, become cranky, and feel hotter than usual.

Find Outstanding Winter Outfits at Luxey Little Ones

Our store provides baby and toddler boutique clothing in Bucks County that will help your little one stay warm, comfy, and stylish all winter long. You can explore our clothing online or visit a Luxey Little Ones location in Newtown or West Chester!

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