The Designer Baby Gear Your Little One Deserves

Much of the baby gear that we have come to know and love has its origins in modern Britain. The first prams and pacifiers, for instance, were invented in 18th century England. The pram, in particular, was designed and created by the famed architect William Kent as a way to entertain the children of the Duke of Devonshire. Such inventions, as well as bathtubs for infants and newborns, were often held up as shining examples of modern ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Initially, many of these new baby gear inventions of the modern world were used almost exclusively by the elite, as few but the wealthiest families could ever hope to afford them.

However, as times changed, so did technology, and items such as luxury baby strollers, high-end baby diaper bags, pacifiers, and bottles were soon being manufactured from simpler and more affordable materials. Geared less towards luxury than before, this iteration of baby gear quickly became commonplace in households across the United States and Europe by the 20th century.

Luxey is your source for the most exquisite designer baby gear for newborns and toddlers in Chester, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties.

An Eye for Luxury

While the greater accessibility of so many baby items is clearly a good thing for everybody, we here at Luxey Little Ones pride ourselves on providing baby gear that is not only practical, but features exquisite craftsmanship as well. By combining practicality with artistry, we give families the opportunity to buy the most comfortable and useful items possible for their children while also giving them a chance to experience some of that old-fashioned elegance and style.

Baby Gear for the Discerning Eye

Luxey has an array of gorgeous and expertly made baby gear items, including products such as:


Our bassinets are the perfect thing for a newborn child who is not yet big enough for a full-size crib. The design of our bassinets are maximized for comfort and style and are easily transportable. Luxey also offers an array of bassinet accessories, such as car seat adapters for strapping the bassinet securely into a car seat; bassinet stands for setting the bassinet at a more convenient height; cup holders that safely insertable into the bassinet; and even bassinet hamper inserts that can be inserted into the stand when not in use.


Our strollers epitomize luxury, craftsmanship, and comfort. Perfect for either newborn babies or toddlers, our prams sport all of the features you could need from a pram, such as brakes, harnesses, reclining seats, stain-repellent fabric, car-seat capabilities, deft navigation capabilities, and rain shields.

Car Seats

We offer car seats come with features such as 5-point harnesses, dream drapes, and mesh peek-a-boo windows. Safety features include side impact protection, true lock installation, a crumple zone within the stability leg for impact absorption, and a heavy-duty shell for maximum safety.

High Chairs

Our high chairs are easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to put together. We carry high chairs that are adjustable in size, making them ideal for growing toddlers of any age. Manufactured from light yet sturdy materials, they offer convenient transportation and long-lasting safety and stability.


Bathtubs from Luxey Little Ones are designed for comfortably holding and bathing baby, while being convenient to wash out and dry. Manufactured from high-quality plastic, Luxey’s baby bathtubs are durable and simple to use, as well as convenient for storage and transportation.

 Baby Monitor

We offer baby monitors that do more than just provide a radio to the baby’s room; they also come with a Smart Sock that comfortably wraps around the baby’s foot to track oxygen levels and heart rate.

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