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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a High Chair

November 8th, 2018

Is your little one finally old enough to eat at the table with the rest of your growing family? Check out our new video, which offers five safety tips for using a high chair. Then, move below for help choosing just the right chair to give your baby a boost!


Check for Certification

To ensure that your little one is always safe and snug at mealtimes, the high chair you choose should be certified by two trusted organizations: ASTM International and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

Give It a Shake

If the high chair seems wobbly, then it is not the right choice for your baby! If it feels stable and well-built, then it will safely hold up against your little one’s kicks and movements without tipping over.

Be Ready to Buckle Up

Once your baby learns to stand, they’ll want to stand up in their high chair. You need a chair with a three or five-point harness to keep them securely in their seat. Additionally, try buckling and unbuckling the straps with just one hand to ensure that it’s easy to use.

Keep Clean-Up in Mind

Babies are messy eaters, so your high chair should be easy to wipe clean, with few seams and crevices to collect crumbs. Clean-up can be even easier with the Nuna ZAAZ High Chair, which has removable parts that can safely go in your dishwasher.

Comfiness Is a Must

Your little one will spend plenty of time in their high chair, so make sure it’s a comfy place to sit. It should be roomy enough that they don’t feel squeezed. It should also have a footrest and a well-padded seat.

Let It Grow with Your Child

Many high chairs can convert into new shapes and sizes to better fit your baby as they grow. That way, you’re not running to the store for a new chair every six months! For example, the Mima Moon High Chair works as a lounger for newborn babies, a high chair for babies and toddlers, and a junior chair for kids over three-years-old.

Your Baby Deserves the Best

The Luxey Little Ones children’s boutique near Montgomery County offers clothes, gear, furniture, and accessories for your little one! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect high chair or precious boutique toddler clothing in Bucks County, then give us a call at 215-579-0402.

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