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Design Your Little One’s Nursery With These 3 Tips in Mind

January 15th, 2019

While there are many decisions to be made prior to the arrival of your little one, we’re here to tell you that not all of them have to be overwhelming. Whether you have a creative soul or not, we encourage you to find enjoyment in the creation of your newborn’s nursery. The details that are required to bring your vision to life can be an exciting process, as you’ll want to create a space that provides the utmost comfort, not only for your little bundle of joy but for yourself as well. At Luxey Little Ones, we have an assortment of essentials to prepare you for your journey in parenthood. We carry high-quality toddler boutique clothing in Bucks County, as well as nursery furniture.

Putting together this new space for your little one can be done quite easily, just as long as you have all of the essentials that will make conquering parenthood a breeze. Check out our latest video on designing your little one’s nursery, then continue reading below for more details on each tip:

Purchase the essentials first

There are a few important essentials every newborn and parent needs in a nursery, which will make up the bulk of your budget. These essentials include the crib, mattress, bedding, changing table, and dresser/storage. It’ll make things much easier and less stressful if you get the important furniture out of the way first. Once the essentials are purchased, you can spend your time designing the nursery and focusing on the mere details of the room.

You don’t need a theme

Don’t stress over finding a theme for your little one’s nursery. Designing a nursery that has a cohesive color scheme is just as beautiful as one that is designed around a particular theme. A nursery doesn’t just have to be catered around your little one. After all, you’re going to be spending much of your time in there as well. Be creative and design a room that fits the look and feel of your vision!

Child-proof your nursery

While your newborn won’t be walking anytime soon, it’s still important to safety-proof the nursery. Pictures that are hung should be securely fastened to the wall and out of reach, as to prepare for when your little one is big enough to grab ahold of things. Same goes for certain furniture — make sure they are sturdy and secured to the wall if necessary.

At Luxey Little Ones, we provide parents with all the essentials needed for designing the nursery of their dreams. If you are looking for apparel or toddler gear in Montgomery County, no other boutique compares to our Luxey team! For further questions and inquiries, please call us at 215-579-0402 or fill out our contact form.

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