Designer Nursery Furniture

The number one source for designer nursery furniture in Bucks and Chester Counties is Luxey Little Ones. As you begin to decorate your baby’s nursery or toddler’s bedroom, the perfect way to complete the room is with our high-end nursery furniture. Now, you can shop through our huge selection of designer brands and find the furniture that is perfect for your home. Whether you are having your first child or are already a mother, we offer the best nursery furniture for you and your little one.

With two locations in beautiful, historic Newtown, and Wester Chester, PA, Luxey Little Ones is a first of its kind luxury baby and child boutique. From luxury baby beds to designer baby cribs, our nursery furniture selection spans far and wide with some of the most sought-after brands and products. Mothers caring for their newborns deserve to have comfortable furniture in the nursery room. Purchasing nursery furniture from big-box stores can mean a lack of unique furniture options which don’t meet the expectations of the room you’ve planned out. With our designer furniture for sale, your nursery or toddler’s bedroom will be able to match your vision.

High-Quality Nursery Furniture For Sale

When you are looking for the best place to shop high-quality nursery furniture, Luxey Little Ones is where you can turn to. We proudly offer nursery furniture from top brand names such as Monte Design, Newport Cottages, UPPAbaby® and many others. Learn more about the furniture from these brands below. 

Monte Design Products

With the motto, “Beautiful, simple, and well-crafted,” it’s no surprise we carry the popular, modern furniture brand, Monte Design. Nursery furniture from Monte Design Group are all made to order in their facility in Toronto and can be shipped directly to your home.

Here at Luxey Little Ones, we have in stock rocker seats, recliners, and ottomans all from this leading luxury brand. When you purchase one of these products from our site, you’ll be able to sit and relax comfortably while making sure your baby is receiving the attention they need.

Newport Cottages Products

Another one of the high-quality brands we offer our customers is the Newport Cottages brand. If you are looking for a new dresser to store your baby’s new clothes, we sell 4-drawer and 7-drawer dressers eloquently designed by the Newport Cottages brand. Plus, the beautiful bookcases and nightstands for sale add a great touch to a bedroom, and provide extra storage space.

UPPAbaby® Products

With a safe and secure bassinet stand in your nursery room, you can take the bassinet from the boulevard to the bedroom conveniently. The UPPAbaby® bassinet stand allows you to simply snap your bassinet into the stand and let your baby enjoy their much-needed rest.

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Here at Luxey Little Ones, we are proud to provide parents in Chester County and beyond with the designer nursery furniture and boutique items they are looking for. Interested in learning more about what our team at Luxey can do for you? Call us today for more information on how we can get our luxury nursery furniture shipped to your home.