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Tips to Make Bathtime a More Fun Time

February 5th, 2019

Who doesn’t love that new baby smell? It’s one of the most endearing scents we ever encounter in life, immediately softening us into a beaming puddle of mush.

Pretty much everything a new baby does will have that effect on a mom. But to keep your baby so adorably fragrant, of course, the occasional bath is necessary.

Bathtime can be a trying time as you try to care for your little one’s safety while also keeping him or her content. If your baby dislikes the water and reacts by getting fussy, that complicates matters even more.

Trust Luxey Little Ones to help you handle the suds, without any stress.

Stay on a schedule.

If you’re wondering how often you should bathe a baby, there is no “right answer.” When it comes to the best time of day, it’s a good idea to follow a pattern both of you can get used to. Consider choosing a time before your little one gets tired, hungry, and cranky.

Set the mood.

Make sure the bathroom—or kitchen, if you’re bathing in the sink—is nice and warm to keep him or her comfortable. Run bath water that’s as close to body temperature as possible. To minimize the shock of the water, use a washcloth to expose him or her to the temperature gently.

If you want to sing out, sing out.

You’ve probably already made a habit of singing to your baby (the Disney music stations on Pandora are the best, aren’t they?) and bathtime is the perfect time to belt out a few lively tunes. It will help keep your little one engaged, as well as distracted, in case he or she doesn’t enjoy the water or having that cute little head shampooed. You’ll also have more fun that way, too!

Tub toys!

Toys make everything better. They also help to calm down an agitated little one who might not want to stay in the tub or settle down long enough to get fresh and clean. There are all sorts of precious playthings made especially for the tub, and your friends and family probably gifted you with some of them already.

If not…

Luxey Little Ones, the place for moms to find the most elegant toddler boutique clothing in Bucks County, also offers darling bath accessories to liven up the time spent in the tub. Take a look at our rubber ducks and adorable hooded bath towels, perfect for a little boy or girl.

To browse the best selection of luxurious toddler gear for your home Montgomery County or Bucks County, stop by one of our Luxey Little Ones locations. We’ll be delighted to see you!

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